Minzner & Co.
2100 Liberty St. • Easton, PA 18042
Tel 610 258 5449 Email info@minzner.com
Minzner and Co. was founded in 1989 by Daniel Minzner. Over the years, Dan's vision of the company has evolved from a one-man custom furniture studio in his parents' 2-car garage to a company having 20 employess with skills ranging from veneeer layups to hand-carved furniture elements.

In 1995, Minzner and Co. moved from Bay Shore, NY to Quakertown, PA. While in Quakertown, Minzner and Co. was selected by the Independance Hall Restoration Fund to build desks for Congress Hall's historically correct furniture layout. The work was completed on budget and ahead of schedule. Congress Hall is open to public viewing all year.

Over the years, Minzner and Co. has enjoyed substantial growth. In Sept of 2004, Minzner and Co. moved to its present location in Easton, PA. The move to Easton provided desperatly needed space for the continually expanding business. The new facility is well equipped and we are continually adding tools and machinery to give our craftsmen everything they need to keep up with customer demand.
Daniel Minzner, president of Minzner & Co., was born in 1967 in Syosset, NY. Daniel's first experience in restoring furniture was at the age of six when he successfully reassembled his highchair.

While in high school, Daniel apprenticed with Jeff Adee, an accomplished cabinetmaker. Under his supervision, Daniel learned the finer points of cabinetmaking by learning how to build furniture and cabinetry using traditional construction techniques.

In 1985, Daniel graduated high school and attended SUNY Oswego for several semesters. While at SUNY Oswego, Daniel studied Technology Education and design. It was at Oswego that Daniel learned how to run machine shop equipment and learned extensivly about the use of different materials such as plastics, ceramics and precious metals.

In 1987, Daniel returned to Jeff Adee to continue honing his skills. In 1989, Daniel, with the help of his family and friends, founded Daniel Minzner Co.

Daniel lives in NJ with his wife Louan and two teenage children. He enjoys running and, in September 2006, completed his first half marathon.